Destiny and consequences refreshingly woven through conscious storytelling as Walter, in becoming a Springbok cyclist, pedals his way through a perplexing adolescence.

 Jennifer Schormann, The Bardolino Artists’ Retreat, South Africa

This charming book – moving and instructive. A work that every therapist and their clients would do well to read and ponder.

Allan Pimentel, Deputy Director of CCPE – Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London

Rousing and engaging, neither a ‘victim book’, nor a platitudinous new age self-help book – rather infinitely more urgent, more raw, and more demanding than that, and written with a great deal of love.

William Ayot – Author and Poet

This fascinating lucid book, colourful and rich in style, is a reminder that many events in our life remain unanswered and unresolved, while lured into the search for meaning of identity and belonging.

Caterina Zaiontz, Psychopathology and Transcultural Psychology Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy

Brilliantly written with such warmth and flow.

Gill Brooksmith, Kinesiologist

An unvarnished reflection on how a child becomes a man, how experiences which may seem small in the moment, shape character. Perseverance begets strength, and in strength there is always hope.

Chet Burchett, CEO